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Q : Problems with unstable wireless network connection

FAQ Date : 01.11.2007

FAQ ID : 5278

Category : Installation
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Comment : Common FAQ for all wireless products

Answer / Solution :

There may be many reasons to why a wireless network may seem unstable, here is a list of the most common reasons. If none of these can help you solve your problem you should contact support for further troubleshooting.

1. Wireless signal disturbance
Some appliances have electrical and/or magnetical noise and can disturb the wireless signal and cause unstable wireless network. Try testing the wireless router with your wireless client in another location to see if you get better range, this would indicate that your location have disturbing elements. Another common symptom for signal disturbance is very fluctuating signal quality (30-50% +/-). It could be everything from cordless phones, microwaves, remote controlled cars, undersoil heating etc, so try to power off all other appliances and switching on one after another to see when the problem appears, in order to find the disturbing element. It is also recommended to try changing channels for your wireless network, see the user manual or FAQ for your wireless router for more details on this.

2. Weak signal (0-40%)
The location for your wireless network may not be optimal or the range between the wireless router and the wireless client is close to the maximum range. The easiest way to try to solve this is to move the wireless router or the wireless client, trying to get a more direct line between them. If the wireless router or client is placed near a table, a window or near the floor, the signal could be increased by moving it away from obstacles and finding a more direct line between the wireless router and the wireless client. If the wireless router is placed near electrical or magnetical equipment it could also increase the signal to move it away from that equipment. Using an external antenna could also be a way to solve problems with weak signal, contact your local reseller to get more information about antennas.

3. Windows overrides client wlan utility (Windows XP)
Windows wireless configuration can override the wireless client software. See the user manual for your wireless client if it suggest to disable the Windows wireless configuration, and how to disable it. If your wireless client have its own wlan utility software you should always use this software and not Windows wlan utility.

4. 802.1x function enabled (Windows XP)
Windows 802.1x security function could be active, despite the wireless client adapter may not support this feature. To disable this function, do the following :
- Go to Controlpanel - Network connections.
- Right-click on the wireless network icon and choose Properties.
- Select the option Certifications.
- Remove the mark for Activate access control for your network with help from IEEE 802.1x.
- Click OK to save the changed settings.

5. Unsupported operating system
Always check the minimum requirements for your wireless client before installation. To check which operating system you use in your computer, right-click on the icon My computer and choose Properties. The name of your operating system should be listed at the top of this page. If you use Windows 98 1st edition the name of your operating system will be shown as “Windows 98” and not “Windows 98 2nd edition. The old operating systems like Windows 95 and Windows 98 does not support wireless network very well, and may cause problems such as unstable wireless network. The solution is to use a newer operating system, Windows 98 2nd edition is the minimum requirement for wireless networking. It is common that new wireless clients have Windows 2000/XP as a minimum requirement.

6. Problems with WLAN client(s)
Some wireless client adapters (i.e Intel Wireless Pro 2200BG or Intel 4965AGN) may have old or corrupted drivers, which can cause the wireless network to seem unstable. Try updating the driver for all your wireless client cards/adapters, restart the router and see if the problem is solved. Always check the download section from our webpage to see if your products have the latest available drivers/firmware and update your products if you do not have the latest version.


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